iPhone Instruction Manual v2.0


Thanks for purchasing FunkBox!

FunkBox brings the sound and feel of a vintage drum machine to your iPhone. From the legendary king of hip hop and electro the Roland TR-808, to the 80's rock'n'roll stalwart LinnDrum, all the way back to Sly Stone's favorite the Maestro Rhythm King, drum machines have played an integral and influential role of modern music. FunkBox celebrates that legacy by packing this app full of all of those classic analog beatbox sounds you know and love, along with a retro interface designed to be fun, nostalgic and easy to use.

The easiest way to get started with FunkBox is to just play around with the app. It is designed to be fun and you can't really break anything that can't be fixed, so just try playing with the buttons and switches. When you're ready to figure things out in a little more detail, all of the button and switch functions are described here in the manual.

Have fun and let us know what you think!



Core MIDI sample code: Pete Goodliffe.

Core audio help and code examples: Michael Tyson, Tim Bolstadt, Allen Porter, Aran Mulholland, Chris Adamson, Dave Dribin.

All the super helpful Apple engineers and dev evangelist team members at the 2009 NYC Tech Talks, and specifically Allan Schaffer and Murray Jason.

Last but certainly not least, the designers and builders of the original funkboxes: Roland, Linn, Korg, Maestro, Elektron, Sequential, Alesis, Emu, and Oberheim.

Thank you!


Table of Contents

Changes in Newest Version (2.0)

Chapter 1 - Quick Start

Chapter 2 - Funk Tab Details

Chapter 3 - Tap Tab Details

Chapter 4 - Mixer Tab Details

Chapter 5 - Edit Tab Details

Chapter 6 - Box Tab Details

Chapter 7 - Pattern Storage Page

Chapter 8 - Audio/MIDI Settings Page

Chapter 9 - Export Audio/MIDI Page

Chapter 10 - Edit Box Page

Chapter 11 - Edit Part Page

Chapter 12 - Load/Save Box Page

Chapter 13 - Import Sample Page

Chapter 14 - Drum Machine Information



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