iPhone Instruction Manual v2.0



Improved graphics, including retina support
Two new drum machines, LM-2 and TR77
New cleaner samples from all machines
Import custom samples (iOS3.2+)
Set pitch and trim of samples
Save/load custom drum box configurations
Save/load pattern banks
Tempo/swing saved with each pattern
Random volume/timing saved with box
Ability to switch in clave, clap, cowbell, ride sounds
Tap tempo
Accent amount per step, per instrument
Queue up multiple sequences by pressing two sequence buttons,
or play two sequences simultaneously by pressing two sequence buttons
Pan per instrument (iOS4.0+)
Tap overdub and roll functions
Preliminary CoreMIDI support (iOS4.1+)
- Clock sync in
- Pattern/bank selection in
- Mute instrument in
- Start/stop, tap tempo in
- Note in
- Clock sync out
- Note out
Itunes folder audio export support (iOS3.2+)
Start/stop latency improved
Misc improvements and bug fixes



Preset patterns and preset sample sets have been changed!

To restore your old saved patterns, use the Load/Save Patterns menu and load files OLDSAVED1, OLDSAVED2, and OLDSAVED3.

To use the old sample sets / sounds, go to the Load/Save Box menu and load the boxes with the -OG suffix (example: TR-808-OG, CR78-OG, etc) into their appropriate slots.



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