funkbox drum machine

vintage beatbox app for iphone and ipad

NEW! Audiobus support!

Looking for some classic vintage drum machine sounds to play around with? We've got the funk you need, right here in this box.

FunkBox is loaded with classic beatbox sounds and patterns from the seventies and eighties. Chock full of vintage retro vibe and old school mojo, it's perfect to sketch out beats, sample old classic sounds, or just jam along with.

FunkBox and its funky retro beats were used by the Gorillaz when recording their iPad album "The Fall"!

FunkBox has also been used live in concert by artists such as Joan Osborne, and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze!

King of the beats.

  • Hundreds of classic sounds sampled from our own personal collection of vintage drum machines.
  • Thirty-six funky preset drum patterns to get you moving and grooving.
  • Tap along on top of the beat using the drum pads, and overdub your own parts.
  • Use the built-in mixer to adjust volume, pan and accent levels for each sound.
  • Easily save, load, and share all the dope beats you create.

Get in the groove.

  • Precise setting of tempo with the tempo slider, or just tap what you're feeling.
  • Ease into a perfect groove with adjustable swing.
  • Sync up to external drum machine or groovebox hardware with MIDI sync.

Featured by Apple in "Staff Favorites", "Retro Apps" and "Band in Your Hand" iPhone and iPad App Store promos!

Also featured in Computer Music magazine's "Amazing Music Apps" special issue on music apps...

...and included in Electronic Musician magazine's "Attack of the Killer Apps" list of the best iPad music tools!

Dropping science.

  • Want to go deeper? Use the pattern editor to create your own patterns from scratch, with adjustable accents, swing and speed.
  • Even deeper? Edit the boxes to mix and match samples, or mess up their timing a bit for some random vintage funk.
  • Deeper still? Use the drum part editor and create your own sounds: edit sample pitch, start/end points, or swap the samples with your own.

Get connected.

  • Email the audio and MIDI patterns you create to your friends, use audio copy-paste to get them in another app, or send them to your studio computer to use in a real production.
  • Use CoreMIDI to sync FunkBox up to real hardware instruments, other music apps, or a studio DAW like Ableton Live.
  • NEW! Use the amazing Audiobus to allow other music apps to filter or record your beats in real time on the same device.